Bespoke engagement rings - Uniquely designed jewellery for you in Manchester

Jeweller Selina Campbell can help you create your perfect diamond engagement ring in Manchester. She will take your ideas and put then together in creating your own bespoke engagement ring. She can create it using any of your old gold or even old diamonds from previous or sentimental wedding or inherited engagement rings. Click here to contact Selina

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Your engagement ring design can be constructed via traditional making skills or can be generated through computer aided design. This CAD process can create anything and it a great method when creating something unique. Coming up with a bespoke engagement ring can take time but you can be part of it through out, by choosing the diamonds or other stones and even choosing the initial design. 

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Prices start from : £1500 upwards

Examples of previous bespoke engagement rings:

18ct Red Gold, White Diamonds and Red Garnet Marquise bespoke engagement ring

18ct White gold with Cushion cut Tanzanite bespoke engagement ring

Don't stop at engagement rings... we can create bespoke wedding rings , or you can make your own wedding rings in our workshop, click here for more information

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Bespoke 9ct Yellow gold wedding rings

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